William S. Burroughs Loves Christmas

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone in America and the official Christmas season has begun. So, I can finally share this holiday gem with all you loyal readers.

It all began way back in 1993, when the dopefiend Beat writer William S. Burroughs wrote and narrated a truly bizarre 21 minute claymation Christmas film. And, as you would expect it’s not your stereotypical sappy Christmas film. No, this film – The Junky’s Christmas – is all about Danny the Carwiper, a junkie, who spends Christmas Day trying to cop some dope. Eventually he finds the Christmas spirit when he shares some morphine with a young man suffering from kidney stones, giving him the “immaculate fix.” Oh, and by the by, the wacky little film was produced by Francis Ford Coppola.

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2 Responses to William S. Burroughs Loves Christmas

  1. Blue88journal says:

    Always a fan of W.S.B.
    Thanks for posting. 😉

  2. Mary L Kuster says:

    Great message!

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