Free WiFi

Free wifi service in public spaces has become common in the United States and in Europe, but the concept is not widespread in Mexico. Now South American internet provider Terra has come up with an amusingly creative way to bring free wifi to parks and public spaces in Mexico.

Dubbed the Poo-Wifi campaign,Terra’splan will bring free wifi with an original catch. To activate the wifi service park users will have to deposit dog poop into the specially designed device. The period of wifi service will be contingent on the weight of the deposits. The more dog poop added, the more free wifi time.

This initiative may seem comic, but it’s a genuine incentive designed to make parks and public spaces more user friendly. And an added bonus is Terra’s plan to convert the poop into methane to power park lighting.

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  1. Laith says:

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    I’ve never done the reblog thing before but this one just needs to be passed along I think. A clever idea, if a bit odd.

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