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Google Street View Trekker

Google Maps Street View feature is a versatile and helpful tool, as well as a major time-waster for anyone with an internet-enabled gadget or computer. Now Google is bringing the Street View technology to parks, recreation areas and the wilderness … Continue reading

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Our Future Airline Seats (maybe)

British aircraft seating manufacturer Contour Aerospace and Factory design consultants have created a cool, futuristic seat-pod concept that can provide airline passengers more control of their personal space, along with a comfy flat-bed, mood lighting and individual media interfaces. This … Continue reading

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Indie Bookstores Represent Everything You Want

“Barnes Kong is on a rampage! The simian chain bookstore monster could go on stomping on independent bookstores and kidnapping dead authors forever, but the fearsome Amazilla has other plans: He wants in on the action. As the two battle … Continue reading

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Stephen King’s Universe

Australian artist/fabric designer Gillian James has been an avid Stephen King fan since the 5th grade when she  surreptitiously read a purloined copy of Carrie. Now she has created a massive infographic tribute to Stephen King’s novels outlining the connections … Continue reading

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Save a Piece of Travel History

Larger than the Titanic, faster than the Queen Mary, the luxury superliner the SS United States was launched with much hoopla sixty years ago. Unfortunately, the once proud travel superstar sits rusting away at a lonely berth on the Philadephia … Continue reading

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Just In Time For Bloomsday

Designed for “saunterers, idlers and tech-savvy literati”, and launched just in the nick of time for this year’s Bloomsday celebrations, JoyceWays is a new app developed by students at Boston College in conjunction with Dublin’s Joyce Centre.   The app … Continue reading

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Barcelona’s Book Train

Passengers on the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan National Railways) will soon have access to a virtual onboard library on trains in and around Barcelona. Select trains will display posters of forty books along with QR codes. After … Continue reading

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Which Books Should You Read

You don’t have to be a student to appreciate this well constructed flowchart from . “Which Books Should You Read This Summer” was created to encourage students to pick-up a few good books this summer even if they don’t … Continue reading

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Anne Frank’s Amsterdam

On June 12, 1942 Anne Frank celebrated her 13th birthday in Amsterdam. Her parents gave her a diary with a red and white checkered cover. “I hope I wll be able to confide everything to you, as I have never … Continue reading

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Rembrandt’s Facebook Timeline

Amsterdam‘s celebrated Rijksmuseum may be over 200 years-old, but it’s hip to 21st century social media marketing. The museum has cleverly “imagined” what Rembrandt’s Facebook Timeline would look like. “I made a self-portrait. Let me know what you think!”

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