Gidsy Keeps It Real


Founded in Berlin in 2011, Gidsy is a neat website that matches travelers with locals in 140 cities in 42 countries. Local residents list activities that offer less touristy experiences for reasonable fees. Most of Gidsy’s listings are for activities and events run by local hobbyists, sole proprietors and community groups. Gidsy provides the interface for payments, scheduling and coordination.


So, if you are the kind of traveler who would  like to learn Irish folk songs in Dublin, attend a kitchen concert in Utrecht, network over breakfast with other creative types in Berlin, take a walking tour of Amsterdam‘s Red Light District with crime reporter Joost van der Wegen, or sample Chinese dumplings in NYC’s Chinatown, then Gidsy is for you.


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2 Responses to Gidsy Keeps It Real

  1. laurengidsy says:

    Hi Brian! Thanks for writing about us, much appreciated. I hadn’t seen the kitchen concert in Utrecht, as I started working for Gidsy just recently – looks like a lot of fun! Also would you mind changing the date we were founded? It was 2011 so we’re still pretty new on the scene. That’d be great!

    Anyway feel free to keep in touch, as we’re really keen to meet some interesting travel bloggers.

    Lauren @ Gidsy

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