London vs Paris

London vs Paris is a clever tale of two cities by infographic. The Tate vs the Louvre? Big Ben vs the Eiffel Tower? Tube vs Metro? Pub vs Café? It’s a real challenge to choose. Although I’ve spent more time in London, and published a London travel guide book, I’m leaning towards Paris. Probably due to three recent visits. Can you choose?

This terrific infographic was created by Ally Biring for HouseTrip.


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3 Responses to London vs Paris

  1. This is an awesome piece to read and very creatively put together! I loved every minute of it xx

  2. London is my hometown, but this list has stuff I didn’t know about or haven’t even seen. Lots to do and see! Paris is definitely on my list though. The city of Louvre 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on mamacitagarcia and commented:
    I’m yet to visit the city of Louvre, but this is a good little breakdown. What’s your pick?

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