I Want A Ziferblat (and you will too)


Have you ever been made to feel that you’ve overstayed your welcome in a coffeeshop while reading, working or just sucking up the free wifi? Then Ziferblat is the place for you.


Ziferblat is a brilliant concept—a place where you can hang-out, read, write, work, meet friends, make friends, surf the web, hold meetings, drink free coffee and tea, eat free ziferblat-79137036snacks, listen to music, make music, have exhibitions, run workshops, and much, much more. Everything at a Ziferblat is free except the time that you spend there, and you pay for that time by making a suggested donation of just 5¢ a minute.


Founded in Moscow by Ivan Mitin, Ziferblat has spread to ten cities in Russia and Ukraine. Recently the “franchise” has opened its first outpost in London’ EastEnd. You can learn more about the concept by reading the Ziferblat manifesto here or by visiting the Facebook page. Maybe you can encourage Ivan to open some Ziferblats in your town.






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1 Response to I Want A Ziferblat (and you will too)

  1. Wow, i live in Moscow and i didn’t know of ZIferblat! Must check it out asap! (It’s tad far from where i am, but i am sure it’s worth it!)

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