Around the World (by coffees)

I’m hopelessly strung out on coffee, but I can live with the shame. However, when I’m traveling, I sometimes find myself at a loss on the correct way to order a cup of joe. And when it comes to ordering local coffee specialties, I’m lost at sea. This handy infographic from the folks at Cheapflights UK may help all of us coffee fiends when we’re on the road.


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2 Responses to Around the World (by coffees)

  1. That German Eiskaffee looks tempting. (But is anything with chocolate EVER wrong?)

    I wish I drank coffee. I’m a tea person, myself.

  2. This is so interesting, and I want to try and make some of these coffees now. I’ve not even tried half of them, which is shameful for a coffee lover such as myself!

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