Welcome to Dismaland


I have never been to the UK seaside resort town of Weston-super-Mare; it’s just not the kind of place that usually attracts foreign visitors. But I’d make an exception to visit Banksy’s new Dismaland “theme park”, which opens today for a six week run. Described as “a festival of art, amusements and entry-level anarchy”, Dismaland inhabits a derelict seafront attraction called Tropicana.


Banksy’s take on an amusement park features 18 fairground-type attractions created by dozens of international artists, such as Jenny Holzer, Polly Morgan, Caitlin Cherry, Damien Hirst, and David Shrigley. Visitors will find fun-filled attractions like a migrant boat ride, “Cinderella’s Castle”, carnival rides, a puppet theater, comedy shows, a program of art films, and music by the likes of Pussy Riot and Massive Attack.






Tickets cots just £3 and the whole shebang runs until September 27, 2015.






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2 Responses to Welcome to Dismaland

  1. I saw this on the news. It looks super interesting. I wonder have they finally figured out who Banksy is?

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