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Weeping Angels

Cimetière Père-Lachaise is on everyone’s top ten lists of Paris attractions. Tourist flock to see the stunning funereal architecture, while art and music lovers make solemn pilgrimages to the graves of Chopin, Bizet, Piaf, Proust, Balzac, Delacroix, Oscar Wilde, and … Continue reading

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Seven Reasons

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Prove Them All Wrong

The Los Angeles-based screen writer and street artist known as WRDSMTH has been dropping thought-provoking pieces all around Melbourne, Australia. The well crafted works combine stenciled typewriters with cleverly worded paste-up.

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Tourists Suck

Last weekend, hundreds of moronic tourists invaded Playa Ostional near Sarara, Costa Rica. They came to “observe” the annual mass migration of sea turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs. Brought to the national wildlife refuge by paid tour guides, … Continue reading

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London’s Secret Map

I love a good map, especially a cleverly designed useful transit network map. And, of course one of my favorites is the Harry Beck design classic London Tube map, with its clear cartography, straight lines and 45-degree rounded corners. But … Continue reading

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Stories Told In Wood

Some of us are well and truly over the artisanal everything movement. If that includes you, please enjoy this hilarious little gem from Vancouver, BC.

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Heavenly Bookshop

Many years ago, while visiting the ancient walled town of Óbidos on the central coast of Portugal I was intrigued by a padlocked church in the heart of the old Roman town. Being the nosy tourist that I am, I … Continue reading

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Who You Calling A Soft Egg (NSFW)

If you are easily offended by salty language, please do not watch this video. But if you’re up for a good laugh, enjoy. One benefit of international travel is not understanding when you’re being insulted by a local. Although, I … Continue reading

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Urban Safari

The always cutting-edge French multimedia artist Julien Nonnon has created a marvelous new video-mapping street show in Paris. Called “Safari Urbain”, the pop-up projections of animals dressed as hipster poseurs is a wonderful, tongue in cheek commentary on both the … Continue reading

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No Surprise

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