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Regrets, I’ve had a few

Here at TBTP World Headquarters we spend way too much time reminiscing about books bought, sold, and collected over the years. This inevitably leads to uncomfortable regrets about the items passed over at book sales, sold below the actual value, … Continue reading

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River Run

Regular visitors to this blog will have noted by now that I am keen on any clever take on the transit map. The brilliant graphic below envisions many rivers of the United States as metro lines. Created by New York … Continue reading

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London’s Secret Map

I love a good map, especially a cleverly designed useful transit network map. And, of course one of my favorites is the Harry Beck design classic London Tube map, with its clear cartography, straight lines and 45-degree rounded corners. But … Continue reading

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Mind the Map

A new exhibition about the inspiration, history and creativity behind London transport maps opened on Friday May 18, 2012. Mind the Map: inspiring art, design and cartography draws on the London Transport Museum’s outstanding map collection to explore the themes … Continue reading

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London Underground (for real)

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always hearted the iconic Harry Beck London underground map, but anyone who has used the famous map to navigate the tube system has occasionally found it wanting. To remedy the situation, the graphic design group UN/HERD … Continue reading

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French Wines by Metro

I may not be an oenophile, in fact I don’t know a quality Beaujolais from Thunderbird, but I do know a cool map when I see one. Designed by David Gissen, the Metro Wine Map harkens back to Harry Beck‘s … Continue reading

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