Grey London



To mark the launch of Bose’s Get Closer campaign for Quiet Comfort wireless headphones, Grey London has created a one minute video that shows dancer Maëva Berthelot moving through the deserted streets of London. Dancing through locations that range from Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street and on a Tube car, the video provides a view of the city that is familiar yet oddly disconcerting. Berhelot dances to a track called Alchemy by TALA and the routine was developed by renowned choreographer Simeon Qsyea.

“We never quite believed we would actually be able to lock down central London in such heavily populated and high security areas. We used a helicopter for the aerial shots, which had understandably strict airspace rules. We held back traffic and people for a few minutes each take. This wasn’t easy to produce,” says Dominic Goldman, Executive Creative Director, Grey London. “Most of this was captured in camera with minimal clean up in post. All shot beautifully on film in a variety of locations as our hero moved through the city from the gritty emptiness of East London to the heart of W1, all captured through the lens of legendary DoP Mattias Rudh and directed by the magical Jaron Albertin.”



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