Bookstore Support

I frequently get approached to support various crowd funding projects for bookstores. To be honest, I often feel a bit annoyed that business owners are asking for bailouts when so many people face their own financial struggles. However, in some instances a bookstore is such an important community resource, or such a valued local institution that I can in good conscience get on board with the project.

North Philadelphia’s Black and Nobel is an African American bookshop that has been an anchor in the community since 2009. It has recently launched a GoFundMe campaign seeking to raise $250,000 to keep the bookstore open and to expand their programs. The money will be earmarked for the purchase of a new store building and for a community outreach bus.

Black and Nobel already functions as a neighborhood center for the local literary and arts community. They also support prison reading programs and send books to incarcerated community members.

If you are interested, check out the GoFundMe campaign here.



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