Scandal at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

As I have probably mentioned a few times, one of my favorite places in Philly is the amazing Philadelphia Museum of Art. In fact, I usually drag every out of town visitor there whether they express any interest in going or not. Most folks are surprised to discover that the PMA is home to one the world’s great art collections and also one of the biggest “scandals” of the 20th century art world—Marcel Duchamp’s readymade work “Fountain”.

This year marks the centennial of the surrealist prankster’s scandalous artwork, a urinal on which the artist inscribed the name “R. Mutt.” To celebrate the work’s 100th anniversary, the Philadelphia Museum of Art unveiled an exhibition called Marcel Duchamp and the Fountain Scandal, which includes photographs and publications from the time, as well as more Duchamp readymades from their collection. As part of the exhibition, artist Richard Gabriele created a replica of the infamous urinal and turned it into a mini golf course outside the museum.

The Marcel Duchamp and the Fountain Scandal show runs until December 1st.

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