Strangers Have The Best Candy

The Bookseller/Diagram Prize For Oddest Book Title of the Year, usually just called the Diagram Prize, is awarded each year to the book that voters think has the most unusual title. This year’s shortlist was recently announced by the British publishing trade magazine The Bookseller. Voting ends on July 21st, and the winner will be announced on July 28th, so cast your vote here. Choose from the wonderful shortlisted titles below:

Nipples on My Knee by Graham & Debra Robertson
An Ape’s View of Evolution by Peter Andrews
Love Your Lady Landscape by Lisa Lister
Renniks Australian Pre-Decimal & Decimal Coin Errors: The Premier Guide for Australian Pre-Decimal & Decimal Coin Errors, edited by Ian McConnelly
The Commuter Pig-Keeper by Michaela Giles

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