Northern Ireland : Game of Thrones Territory

After seven years of filming in Northern Ireland, the HBO series Game of Thrones has become interwoven in the region’s culture and heritage. In order to commemorate the importance of the show, Tourism Ireland has commissioned the Northern Ireland Game of Thrones Tapestry—a 77 meter long wall hanging. Reminiscent of medieval traditional tapestry work, the enormous handwoven and embroidered piece celebrates the events, characters, and story-lines of the hugely popular show.

The tapestry will be on display at Belfast’s Ulster Museum beginning on July 22, 2017, and a new section will be added weekly during season 7 of Game of Thrones. You can see an interactive version of the tapestry here.


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1 Response to Northern Ireland : Game of Thrones Territory

  1. This piece of art is just wow! it is very intricate to accomplish I wonder how long it would take to finish one piece. It is very beautiful it deserves to be on display where everyone can see. I wonder if they sell these to tourist for surely it would look good hanging in our homes.

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