Bookstore Tourism: Rocky Mountain High

Sometimes when we find ourselves in a stunning new place, even the most ardent book lover may hesitate to visit the local bookstores. So, I was “lucky” to be in beautiful Telluride, Colorado on stormy, wet and chilly day recently. The nasty weather gave me a good excuse to stop by the town’s best bookshop for a browse.

Between The Covers has been a beloved institution in Telluride since 1974. Like a bibliophile’s Tardis, the little bookshop seems much bigger on the inside. Although the store is jam-packed with more than 10,000 titles, it seems more cozy than crowded. There’s even room for a lovely coffee bar in the rear of the store.

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1 Response to Bookstore Tourism: Rocky Mountain High

  1. What a gorgeous book store. Oh how I’d love to read the afternoon away here…

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