Bighearted Bookstore

Bank Square Books, Mystic, Conn., is responding to a recent theft in the store with an inspiring act of generosity.

On Facebook, Bank Square posted: “On Saturday, our cash drawer was robbedwhile one of our employees was taking a lunch break. We don’t keep a lot of cash on hand, but we still feel violated and upset about this act of theft.

“We love being part of Mystic and feel strongly about being a positive addition to our community. To balance out this act of negativity, we are asking that you come by our store in the next week and pick out any children’s book to purchase for a child in need. We will give you 10% off your purchase and donate all the books to shelters, schools and other organizations.

“If you want to purchase a book online, you can add ‘For a kid in need’ to the order comment and use the coupon code GOODDEED.”

If you’re anywhere near Mystic in your travels, be sure to make time to visit the bookstore and the beautiful historic seaport town.

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