Bookshop at the end of the world

h/t to Ruth Gardner for this post

Situated on an old cattle ranch down a dusty dirt road just north of Benson, Arizona, the Singing Wind Bookshop may be the loneliest bookstore in America. Founded and still run by 88 year-old Winn Bundy, the shop celebrated its 44th anniversary this year. Despite its rustic setting, the bookstore attracts book lovers from around the world with a rich collection of new, secondhand, collectible, and out-of-print titles. Located in a century-old ranch house, Singing Wind specializes in books on the Old West, Native Americans, nature, folklore, the Southwest, and children’s literature. The shop doesn’t have a website, so if you want to browse the collection you will have to take a trip to southeastern Arizona.


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2 Responses to Bookshop at the end of the world

  1. What a beautiful location for a shop of any kind – worth the drive for the gorgeous scenery.

  2. Kelci Reedy says:

    Great story. Thank you for sharing this! Also, I love your photos.

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