Kitsch is King Even In NYC

Diehard Harry Potter fans will undoubtedly love the new Wizarding World-themed coffee shop just opened in Manhattan’s East Village neighborhood. Cleverly named Steamy Hallows, the kitschy  cafe boasts a whole range of over the top decor, including floating candles to mimic the Great Hall at Hogwarts, bubbling cauldrons, broomsticks hanging from the ceiling, mandrakes, and quotes from the Harry Potter book series.

The menu features drinks with pun inspired names such as Basic Witch (a sea-salt-topped latte with a caramel drizzle) and Love Potion #9 3/4 (a coffee drink with espresso, mocha syrup, rose water, and a sprinkle of red sugar on top). And of course there’s a Butterbeer beverage, but the version at Steamy Hallows is topped with a dash of edible gold glitter.

Steamy Hallows is located at 514 East 6th Street in Manhattan, although the door says 514 3/4 . Probably not a destination for serious coffee fiends like me, but Harry Potter fans may be tempted.

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