We’re All Mad Here

I maintain the firm belief that we can never have enough new editions of Alice in Wonderland, especially illustrated versions. So, I was happy to see the Pushkin Press has issued a very special Alice that features the marvelous artwork of the brilliant Dutch illustrator Floor Reider. I haven’t had the opportunity to lay my hands on a copy IRL as of yet, but the photos that I’ve seen convince me that it is a worthy edition. Here’s a sample an a short video for now:

This new edition contains the texts of both Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking Glass in a beautiful, clothbound flipped book – illustrated throughout in glorious color. Floor Rieder’s gorgeous drawings are an original and fresh imagining of Alice’s topsy-turvy world. Out now from Pushkin Children’s, this clothbound edition is a must for any Alice fans, and the perfect Christmas gift for all. https://pushkinpress.com/books/alices…

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  1. Gorgeous! I’ve never really liked the original Tenniel illustrations for the Alice books, so I’m always interested to see other artists’ interpretations. These have a lovely look to them – I’m personally a big fan of the linoprint/woodcut aesthetic, and the colour palette is very contemporary. Thanks for sharing!

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