Wild in Scotland

Way back around the turn of the century I had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time in Scotland. While I have great affection for Edinburgh and Glasgow, the true treasure of the country is to be found in the wild, undeveloped parts of Scotland. The wonderful video below offers a glimpse of what awaits the traveler who eschews the urban centers for the unspoiled countryside. In Wild Scotland, videographers Kim and Del Hogg, document their month-long trip around the most beautiful areas of the nation.

In September 2019 they borrowed a car and took off for a month of exploring the Scottish Highlands & Islands. Their route was loosely based on the North Coast 500, with side trips and detours along the way. They started on the west coast around Arisaig and the Isle of Rum, then headed east to the Orkney Isles, along the very north coast to Cape Wrath, then back down the west all the way to Skye. If you enjoy the video, checkout their website Going the Whole Hogg .

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6 Responses to Wild in Scotland

  1. This was an amazing video. Would love to visit some day.

    • I was happily surprised when I clicked on your blog link to discover the story on Sandy Hook. Many years ago, I lived in Highlands, just across from SH. My gf at the time worked in the park and my friends ran a concession stand on the beach. I’m old enough to remember when it was an active military base, as well.

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