NYC’s Tiniest Museum Reopens

Coincidental with the recent announcement from New York City’s quasi-official tourism bureau that the city has “reawakened” for tourism, NYC’s tiniest museum has declared itself open for business again. Like every other visitor attraction hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mmuseumm has had to keep its two doors shut. The mini-museum which is situated at 4 Cortlandt Alley in Manhattan has been on locked down like every other institution, but now there are five ways to experience Mmuseumm’s new exhibition: timed tickets, private tours, a 24-hour observation window, print catalog and digital access. Click here to learn all about the fascinating attraction and to participate in this uniquely New York cultural experience.

Her are some of the new exhibitions on view at Mmuseumm :

  • Are We Being Heard? Tools of Protest From Hong Kong: 40 citizen-made tools of protest, including a used molotov cocktail.

  • Is This Modern Slavery? A look at common household items that have dark supply chain roots.

  • The Enduring Racism of American Real Estate: understanding the damaging implications of the seemingly innocuous “we buy houses for cash” signs.

  • Pipelines of Knowing and Unknowing Complicity: objects that served a central roll in devastating occurrences, such as bank credit cards used to sponsor individuals purchasing weapons and carrying out mass shootings in America.

  • Children Lead The Way: a collection of protests signs made by youth for the youth-led climate march.

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