Just One More Thing

The photo above perfectly captured MRW I saw an image on a blog of a Peter Falk statue in Budapest, Hungary. Now, I’ve only been to Budapest one time, and only spent five days in the Hungarian capital, but somehow I missed the fact that there was a prominent statue of America’s most beloved TV detective character on a center city street.

The statue is located on Falk Miksa utca and was installed in 2014 as part of a neighborhood renewal project in the area, although exactly why the figure was chosen is a bit of a mystery. According to organizers, actor Peter Falk may have been related to the 19th-century Hungarian political figure, Miksa Falk, after whom the street is named, although they also admit that this connection has yet to be proven. Falk is known to have had Hungarian roots on his mother’s side of his family, but there’s no recorded linked to Miksa Falk’s family.

At Falk’s feet, there’s also is a bronze basset hound modeled after a local dog named Franzi, who even showed up for the unveiling. This is of course supposed to represent Columbo’s droopy-faced pet, “Dog.”

Just one more thing: There is also a little bronze squirrel with a gun right behind Colombo. Why is it there and what it means is a bit of a mystery.


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  1. Apparently, the statue of the squirrel is part of a series of Budapest tiny hidden sculptures, not connected to Falk’s statue! According to this guy: https://youtu.be/A0jHJb6cK3U

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