Down the Rabbit-Hole Again

If you are a regular visitor to Travel Between The Pages, you are probably aware that our primary goal is to bore you with every new published version of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland that we discover. The most recent find is the 1929 edition with pen and ink illustrations by the Hungarian-born, American artist Willy Pogany.

Until this version was published, Alice was typically portrayed as a little girl in mid-19th century garb, but Pogany updated Carroll’s heroine to be taller, thinner, and older. He also dressed  Alice in a short, plaid skirt, short sleeve top with a tie, and knee socks. Her hair is bobbed in the pageboy style. In essence, a child of the Roaring Twenties rather than the Victorian era.






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1 Response to Down the Rabbit-Hole Again

  1. Gorgeous and fabulous way of “boring” us, thanks!

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