Europe’s Sweetest Tourist Pass

Geneva, Switzerland is now offering Europe’s sweetest tourist pass deal. The new ‘Choco Pass’ provides access to sample delicacies at Switzerland’s leading chocolatiers.

The pass, which costs 30 CHF per adult and 6 CHF for children, is an opportunity to sample the country’s best chocolate, with each chocolatier offering an exclusive sampling of their best to pass holders.

Here some of the currently participating chocolate makers :

La Bonbonnière Chocolaterie et Chocolate Bar: A choice of Grand Cru or Gourmand hot chocolate and 4 chocolates of choice/ Kids: A choice of Grand Cru or Gourmand hot chocolate for kids and 1 chocolate of choice

Du Rhône Chocolatier: A selection of 6 chocolates, featuring milk and dark chocolate and pralines/ Kids: chocolate blocks and truffles

Stettler & Castrischer:  1 Pavé de Genève, Bonbons Deluxe range: a Chuao, a luzern, a brazilia, a fleur de sel, a raspberry pearl (in a box of 6)/ Kids: 50gr of crunchy hazelnuts

Sweetzerland: Caramel Truffle, Hazelnut Rocher, Raspberry Truffle, Almond Dragées, Cashew Nut Petals / Kids: chocolate almonds

Click the link for more information on the 24 hour ‘Choco Pass’ .


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