Library of Short Stories

I recently discovered The Library of Short Stories  a website which compiles and shares out-of-copyright short fiction. The free site collects short stories across various genres. There’s classic Conan Doyle,Lovecraft, Dickens, Poe, and so much more. Here’s what the site curators have to say:

A free and accessible collection of short stories from the public domain.

We have inherited a cornucopia of art from our previous generations. Thousands of stories that have passed their copyright duration or existed before copyright existed itself, they now belong to everyone. Unfortunately they lie scattered around the internet and on dusty bookshelves, the Library of Short Stories aims to collaborate these works into a free and easily accessible online library. The library grows every day, displays both online text and PDFs, and allows for easy night reading with night mode. All works on are in the public domain.


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1 Response to Library of Short Stories

  1. Bridgette says:

    Thank you! I’m trying to write a short story a week for the entire year, and it seems perfect to have this treasure trove at my fingertips.

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