Plaque to the Future

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is rightly proud of its rich history. To mark historic sites and events more than 2,300 blue and gold plaques have been erected around the State. Fittingly, the City of Philadelphia has more than 300 of the historic markers scattered around town. Six years ago, South Philly native Lily Goodspeed decided that average folks deserved to commemorate their lives with markers too.

The Plaque To The Future project started in March of 2016 when the street artist decided to memorialize her own life experience with her own version of the historic markers with blue and gold stickers. Since then dozens of Philadelphians have submitted site specific stories that Goodspeed has printed on waterproof stickers and posted at the incident scenes.”I feel like there are such amazing stories happening every day,” Goodspeed  has said. “There are so few official plaques. I thought it would be great to have some unofficial ones, telling the types of stories that don’t always get recognized.”

According to the artist nearly half of the online submissions are one of two narratives: (1) I met my wife/husband/partner here, and now we are married with kids! Or (2) I got really drunk here and this thing happened.


Goodspeed receives on average three submissions a day to her website, — more than she can keep up with. But if something crazy has happened to you in Philly, why not submit your own story.

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  1. Gosh, I wish we could encourage the whole world to do this.

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