how the story ends

“lastly, three apples fell from the sky; one for our story’s heroes, one for the person who told their tale, and one for those who listened and promise to share. And with that, they all achieved their hearts’ desires. Let us now step up and settle into their thrones.” (Gökten üç elma düşmüş; biri onların, biri anlatanın, diğeri de dinleyenlerin başına. Onlar ermiş muradına, biz çıkalım kerevetine.) Turkish

“and they lived well, and we lived better” (και ζήσανε αυτοί καλά και εμείς καλύτερα) Greek

“this is the end, run away with it” (itt a vége, fuss el véle) Magyar

“and I was there [at the wedding] too, and drank mead and wine.” (a ja tam byłem, miód i wino piłem.) Polish

“snip snap snout, the tale is finished” (snipp snapp snute, så er eventyret ute” Norwegian

“my story went to other homes, god bless the mothers and fathers of its listeners” (Çîroka min çû diyaran, rehmet li dê û bavê guhdaran.) Kurdish

” and they lived happily and ate partridges ” (y vivieron felices y comieron perdices) Spanish

” thin is the leaf, broad is the way, say your [story] now that I said mine”  (stretta è la foglia, larga è la via, dite la vostra che ho detto la mia) Italian

“my tale has finished, it has returned to go and come home.” (tamtis noe lat / dok ba muaan yi wa) Ankwe

“and if they haven’t died yet, then they’re still alive today” (und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind, dann leben sie noch heute) German



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