How it’s built in a timelapse

I am not much of a cruise ship kind of guy, but I was fascinated by this timelapse video.  MK Timelapse GmbH recorded the entire construction process of the AIDAnova, an 1105-foot-long cruise ship that carries 6600 passengers. The footage from Germany’s Meyer Neptun and Finland’s Meyer Turku shipyards starts out with massive engines being built and takes us through the fascinating modular assembly process.


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3 Responses to How it’s built in a timelapse

  1. Hexe says:

    One of the most horrible human creations. I was wishing Covid would stop this evil, no such luck.

  2. restlessjo says:

    Extraordinary! I don’t even begin to comprehend.

  3. I will never go on a cruise, I am shocked by the amount of pollution created by each trip, but this timelapse was so fascinating, thanks for sharing

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