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Rules for Flyers

Although I haven’t been in a plane for nearly two years, I still ruminate about proper travel etiquette, such as armrest access. This article from the website Jalopnik settles the ongoing arguement regarding equitable sharing of airliner armrests. Here’s the … Continue reading

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Seeing Into Tomorrow

In my early adolescence I was deeply moved by the powerful writings of Richard Wright. It was difficult to imagine that anyone who read his novel Native Son or memoir Black Boy would not be enraged by his depictions of America’s … Continue reading

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“The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.”

I must admit that I am more than a bit curious to see the latest film version of the sci-fi classic Dune. Although David Lynch’s Dune is regularly panned, I enjoyed it with some reservations when it was first in theaters. My first exposure … Continue reading

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Song of the Open Road

Feeling wistful and nostalgic these days for the open road. What better poet to capture the way of the road than Walt Whitman. Song of the Open Road, 4 The earth expanding right hand and left hand, The picture alive, … Continue reading

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Gothic Essentials


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Why Fall Into Autumn

Yesterday’s post got me thinking about why we English speaking folks in North America use both Fall and Autumn to describe the season between Summer and Winter. Why does it have two acceptable and apparantly interchangable names? And why do British speakers of English … Continue reading

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a wistful omen of the first sign of autumn

austice n. a wistful omen of the first sign of autumn—a subtle coolness in the shadows, a rustling of dead leaves abandoned on the sidewalk, or a long skein of geese sweeping over your head like the second hand of … Continue reading

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Nothing is more important than an unread library

“Collect books, even if you don’t plan on reading them right away. Nothing is more important than an unread library.” ― John Waters, director, author & national treasure  

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Who doesn’t love the Wizard of Oz

Here we are at the final day of the annual Banned Books Week and I just discovered that the beloved American children’s classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was a banned book. In fact, for decades it was one of the most … Continue reading

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Bookstore Tourism: NYC

I was recently asked by a TBTP reader who is planning a brief visit to New York City to suggest some independent bookstores that are located in Manhattan and are not the much touted Strand. My first pick is located … Continue reading

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