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A Perfect Time To Visit The Haunted Bookshop

  What better time of the year to visited The Haunted Bookshop than at the Halloween season. Located in Cambridge, England and fittingly found down a dark, spooky alleyway, the diminutive bookstore more than lives up to its name. Packed … Continue reading

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Ghost Words

What does palimpsest mean? 1 : writing material (such as a parchment or tablet) used one or more times after earlier writing has been erased. 2 : something having usually diverse layers or aspects apparent beneath the surface.   One … Continue reading

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Objects That Changed The World

Cambridge University Library is celebrating its 600th anniversary this year with a physical and online exhibition called “Lines of Thought: Discoveries That Changed the World”. The historic library has grown from a small collection of manuscripts kept in a wooden … Continue reading

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Perpendicular Gothic

If you have ever visited the awe-inspiring King’s College Chapel in Cambridge, or if you have seen the wonderful holiday choir concerts from the 16th century English Perpendicular Gothic church, you will enjoy the short film below from a trippy … Continue reading

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There’s a Bluebird in My Heart

If you follow TBTP, you may be somewhat weary of the frequent Bukowski posts and stories. Well too bad because here’s another. Published in the 1992 anthology The Last Night of Earth Poems, Charles Bukowski‘s unusually tender poem “The Bluebird” … Continue reading

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Buy Where You Shop

Our friends at the amazing family-owned, indie Harvard Book Store located in the very heart of Cambridge, MA have produced this humorous, but guilt-inducing little video to urge book buyers to stop using indie bookstores as showrooms to browse for … Continue reading

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Libraries of Europe

A few of my favorite European libraries from an ongoing project. Send us some photos of your favorites.

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