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Printed books prevail

A tip of the hat to TBTP’s most loyal reader for the link to this infographic and article on the abiding appeal of the printed book. There is some comfort for an old bibliophile in learning that readers everywhere still … Continue reading

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Who reads what where

I’m a sucker for a clever infographic, especially if it pertains to books or reading. The graphic above shows which reading genres are most popular in 36 countries around the world. To collect the data, the folks at Study In … Continue reading

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What Time Do We Eat

A big tip of the hat to @loverofgeography for this very helpful and informative map. When I travel I try and adjust meal times to coincide with local eating habits, but I just can’t do the late night dinners in … Continue reading

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The Library Evolution

Libraries have always played an important role in my life. One of my happiest memories from childhood is the day that I received my very own library card. For the last two decades, I’ve had the good fortune to live … Continue reading

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Tower of Babel

The infographic below was created by Alberto Lucas LopezĀ  and it manages to condense the 7,102 known living languages today into a visualization, with individual colors representing each world region. Only 23 languages are spoken by at least 50 million … Continue reading

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Infographic Visionaries

Regular visitors to TBTP know how I feel about a clever infographic, so you won’t be surprised that I was intrigued by Information Graphic Visionaries. This new book series celebrates historical figures who dramatically changed the way data is organized … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block

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Literary Infographics

Back in the olden days when I was a student some of my peers would avoid assignments by reading Cliff Notes rather than full books. If you’re not familiar, Cliff Notes were commercially produced summaries of full length books that … Continue reading

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Am I A Book Snob


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The Circle of Classified Knowledge

Those of you who visit TBTP on a regular basis know that I am excessively fond of infographics of all sorts. I am particularly interested in early examples of the form. This wonderful set of graphics was created for a … Continue reading

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