John Lennon Slept Here…Really

Mendips Liverpool

While doing research for my first travel book in more than a decade ( more about that later), I ran across a fascinating item on the National Trust website. With little fanfare, John Lennon’s childhood home in the tidy Woolton neighborhood of Liverpool has been restored to its 1960 appearance and opened to the public for guided tours. Mendips, as the house is named, is a time-capsule with lovingly restored interiors, original Beatles memorabilia and Lennon family photos. 

Lennon spent his childhood, from age five, in this humble, deco-ish “semi” with his Aunt Mimi and Uncle George. Many of the Beatles’ early hits were penned by Lennon and McCartney in the tiny upstairs bedroom or on the front porch.

The house is located at 251 Menlove Ave. and open for tours Wednesday to Sunday. More information is available at .

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  1. Gerry Ingall says:

    Beatles fans visiting Liverpool should consider staying at the Hard Days Night Hotel; it’s packed with Beatles memorabilia throughout. We stayed there last year for about $120/ night. The location is excellent,too.

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