Django’s Paris Still Swings

photo by Valerie Jardin

“While this romantic picture of Paris is still part of the street and metro life on both banks of the river Seine, the City of Lights also attracts young musicians from all over the world. Many young artists spend their savings to travel to Paris and perform in the streets with the dream of being discovered… Or at least make enough money to cover their trip expenses and live the experience of a lifetime!  There is so much talent to be discovered on the streets of Paris! You just have to follow your ears… Which is precisely what I did in the Summer of 2008 when I was drawn to the amazing sound of two guitars on the hill of Montmartre. The music was unusual, a very exotic type of jazz that I was not familiar with. I later learned that it was referred to as Jazz Manouche or Gispy Jazz and that it found its origins in France and had a greatest number of followers in Paris. Very intrigued by the music and the talent of the two young musicians, I decided that I wanted to hear more and sat on the steps below the Sacre Coeur, from which the view of Paris is the most stunning. I listened for a while and started taking pictures for the two young brothers from the Netherlands who were playing in Paris for the very first time.”

Photo by Valerie Jardin

This post was contributed by the very talented French photographer Valerie Jardin. Her exciting work can be seen at her website . Valerie also has a marvelous series of travel photo essays on her blog . And don’t forget to visit Valerie on Facebook at Valerie Jardin Photography.

If you would like to hear a sample of Jazz Manouche by the Thomas Baggerman Trio, please visit their website .

Photographs and text © Valerie Jardin

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