Toronto Noir (for free)

Free e-book

Okay, I admit it, I didn’t know jack about John McFetridge until this year. That’s not too surprising; he’s not all that well-known below the 49th parallel. But that’s easily remedied; run out and get one of his books today. Not sure if you believe me? How about reading a free e-book first? Visit McFetridge’s website for a free pdf version of his novella Flash.

Along with writing for the Canadian cop show “The Bridge”, McFetridge has produced three neo-noir novels set in a Toronto populated by thugs, bikers, dope dealers, gun-runners and hookers. After reading his newest release, Let It Ride, the National Front opined, “It’s high time we all stopped thinking of Toronto as a nice city”. What do you think?

Everyone from the Toronto Star to the great Irish crime writer Ken Bruen has deemed McFetridge “the Canadian Elmore Leonard”. Who am I to contradict Ken Bruen?

Let It Ride (available July in the US)

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  1. Tom Caravalle says:

    Thanks for the link & the suggestions

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