Reader Rail Favorites

Readers have been weighing-in on their top European rail routes. Here are a few favorites:  

The Inlandsbanan is one of Scandinavia’s most scenic railways. Beginning at Kristinehamn in the south and terminating in Gällivare in the north, the route travels along the backbone of Sweden through lush Darlarna to rugged Lapland.

Running entirely above the Arctic Circle, the Ofotbanen (the Malmbanan on the Swedish side) connects Kiruna, Sweden to Narvik, Norway. The line winds its way through steep, rugged mountainous terrain, with a variety of fantastic scenery—from arctic tundra, pristine national parks and awesome fjords. 

Outside Narvik

The Rauma Railway runs between Andalsnes on the shores of the Romsdal Fjord and the charming mountain village of Dombås, Norway. The entire run offers spectacular Nordic scenery with views ranging from precipitous crags plunging vertically to valley floors to verdant, unspoiled wilderness. 


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