It’s Up to you…

State Street by Judy la Torre

Budget Travel Magazine is running a contest to find the 10 Coolest Small towns in America. The beloved home of Travel Between The Pages, Newtown PA, is already in the top ten — keep the momentum going by voting early and often. The voting ends on February 11th, so follow the link and click on our “star” to vote for Newtown.

If you’ve never been to Newtown, it’s situated in beautiful, historic Bucks County, PA. Founded by William Penn in 1684, Newtown is one of Pennsylvania’s oldest towns. A stroll through Newtown is a trip back in time.Colonial, Federalist and Victorian houses front delightful tree-lined lanes that bear the names of American heroes. The house where General George Washington planned for the momentous Battle of Trenton is gone, but the historic Bird-in-Hand Inn (1686), the site of Newtown’s only Revolutionary War skirmish, still stands on State Street. So does the 1833 Newtown Theater, the world’s oldest continually operated movie house, and Newtown Hardware House, continually in operation since 1869. And then there’s the famous Newtown Library Company (1760), one of America’s oldest public libraries.

So visit Budget Travel and vote for Newtown. While you’re there, you can also vote for my old hang-out, Cedar Key, one of Florida’s authentic gems.

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