POV is everything


Swiss born Paris-based artist Felice Varini paints on public architectural and city spaces, such as cathedrals, malls, streets, alleys and buildings. His challenging installations are characterized by a singular vantage point from which the observer can see the entire artwork, generally a basic geometric shape such as a rectangle, circle or triangle. from other points of view, the viewer will only see fragmented, unconnected shapes.

“I start my works from one vantage point, which is simply the height of my own eye level. This is only a starting point, a way to begin. I plan the work using sketches, pictures, camera, or just in my head. And I work with the space, considering the relationship of my view point with the space as well as the geometry of the space itself. Then I make the painting.

Once the painting is done it starts an independent life, having a relationship with the space, which has nothing to do with me or the viewer. It is a direct relation that the painting has with the space, in a kind of an abstract reality.

The viewer can then be present in the work, but as far as I am concerned he may go through it without noticing the painting at all. If he is aware of the work, he might observe it from the vantage point and see the complete shape. But he might look from other points of views where he will not be able to understand the painting because the shapes will be fragmented and the work too abstract. Whichever way, that is ok with me. “

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  1. i think this is facinating. and very clever!

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