Not All Progress Is Good


It revolutionized the way people worked and communicated, becoming an essential piece of office equipment for more than a century. But after decades of service, the humble typewriter has reached the end of the line.

Mumbai, India-based Godrej and Boyce, the last company in the world that still manufactured typewriters has shut down its factory and only has a few hundred machines left in stock.

Although they were phased-out decades ago in western nations, typewriters are still commonly used in India. Even so, the demand has decreased dramatically as Indians shift to computers.

And so it goes.

UPDATE: It seems that there is still one surviving typewriter manufacturer in business. Swintec of Moonachie, NJ ( yes Moonachie) continues to build typewriters for governments and institutions. My bad.

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1 Response to Not All Progress Is Good

  1. those are some cool old typewriters you have pictured here. too bad they’re going obsolete ;(

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