Paris Orly : Virtually Helpful

Orly Airport in Paris is experimenting with virtual boarding agent avatars to assist and inform passengers. The pilot project at Paris’ second airport, just south of the city, began in July, and has so far been met with a mix of indifference and/or confusion by most travelers.

The “2-D hologram” agents are actually rear projection images on to person-shaped plexiglass silhouettes. The marketing firm L’Oeil du Chat created the virtual agents by filming actual Orly staff.

Since the avatar agents are not yet interactive, the experiment seems to be falling flat. The few passengers who attempt interaction with the holograms are baffled or annoyed by the lack of response. Still, Aeroports de Paris which operates the city’s airports plans to expand the project through out Orly and to Charles de Gaulle Airport as well.

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