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Sunday Should Be Random

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I Am Not A Witch

Who doesn’t enjoy Washington Post fiction critic Ron Charles’ hilarious video reviews? Well, he out did himself with this parody of erstwhile Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell’s new memoir, Troublemaker: Let’s Do What It Takes to Make America Great Again.

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I Hate the “I Hate Reading” Facebook Page

Last week some mindless troll took the time to create a Facebook page titled “I Hate Reading” and more than 437,000 other morons “Liked” the page. If that’s not sad enough, the “I Hate Books” page has over 271,000 “Likes”, … Continue reading

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Franz Kafka’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” ?

Mash-up Franz Kafka’s groundbreaking novella The Metamorphosis with Frank Capra’s syrupy classic film It’s a Wonderful Life and you get this marvelously absurd short film. Directed by Peter Capaldi and starring Richard E. Grant, the film won tons of awards … Continue reading

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Paris : L’impensable

Baker Jean-Louis Hecht operates a small chain of traditional boulangerie around Paris, but that has not stopped him from embracing a hitherto unthinkable method of delivering the iconic baguette. Earlier this year he began experimenting with a vending machine that … Continue reading

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NYC : A Different POV

A very different trip around NYC:

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London Riots : Two POV

VisitBritain, the official British Tourist Authority, has hastily pulled its current tourism marketing campaign. But mashup artiste Ben Churchill has single-handedly revived it with updated visuals. The local residents of London’s Peckham neighborhood had a very different response to the … Continue reading

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Exploding Volcano, 3 Guys, 11 Countries, 18 Flights…

MOVE is an entertaining little spectacle based on a whirlwind trip by 3 guys, to 11 countries, via 18 flights, over 38,000 miles, in 44 days, with 2 cameras and 1 exploding volcano. Move was directed by Rick Mereki and … Continue reading

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London : Halcyon Days

Here’s a wonderful color home movie of a road trip starting in London exactly 72 years ago.

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LA Light

Thanks to Colin Rich for this hauntingly beautiful multi-viewpoint, time lapse film of Los Angeles by night.

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