Rotterdam Tries Harder

Let’s be honest, Rotterdam is not the Netherland’s most attractive city or prime tourist attraction. It’s a vibrant and exciting cultural center, but it lost most of its historic buildings due to World War II bombings. These days, however, Rotterdam has become a hotbed of modern architecture and design, making it a fascinating city to visit.

The currently under construction Rotterdam Market Hall is the latest in a series of cutting-edge building projects that we’ve come to expect from bustling Rotterdam. Designed by MVRDV architects, the enormous, towering 100,000 square meter tunnel-shaped building will combine a green market, restaurants, shopping and residences under one giant roof. The apartments will have spectacular views from windows overlooking the marketplace.

The Market Hall is being built at one of the largest open urban squares in the Netherlands near the massive new library and the historic 15th century Sint-Laurens Church, Rotterdam’s only remaining medieval church.

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  3. This is the best building in the world .i like it

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