Make Yourself at Home

Travelers with time to kill at Charles de Gaulle Aéroport in Paris can now kickback and relax in a new IKEA sponsored (and furnished) lounge. The 220 square meter lounge offers a homey escape from the hectic airport public waiting areas. Frazzled flyers can read in a den or livingroom, watch TV in a cozy chair or even take a quick siesta in one of the nine IKEA bedrooms.

You may scoff at this blantant commercial promotion, but if you’ve been stuck in an airport waiting area lately you may leap as this chance to escape to the ersatz hominess of an IKEA lounge.

Oh, and there’s even free Wi-Fi (for 15 minutes)

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1 Response to Make Yourself at Home

  1. Mary Lou Kuster says:

    Great idea!

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