Save the Guidebook

It may come as a surprise that purchasers of travel guidebooks in both the U.S. and the U.K. still prefer traditional print books to digital editions. That is according to the Bowker organization, which provides publishing and information management services to libraries, retailers and publishers. The goal of Bowker’s research study was to help publishers of travel guidebooks better understand consumer buying habits and trends.

The study also found that travelers are using social media networks mainly for travel experience and photo sharing, but not so much for trip planning. Another unexpected result of the research showed that U.K. travelers tend to use travel apps more than U.S. travelers, and that those apps tend to come from non-travel guidebook publishers.

So don’t ditch those Lonely Planets or Let’s Go Europe guidebooks just yet. You can see the entire study on the Bowker U.S. website.

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