In The Traveler’s Cup

Developing since 2004, Traveler’s Cup is a fabulous series of digital pigment prints by Boulder Colorado-based artist and educator Joo Yeon Woo. Her fantastical images shrink iconic cultural monuments and architectural landmarks to fit inside of her traveling water glass. Yoo says,”I have addressed creative discourses on issues of blurred boundaries not just in the geographical sense, but also in the virtual and physical sense. My creative works explore the blurred boundaries of today’s nomadic life style. Today’s nomadism is not that of unrestricted wandering; it is based on a global nomadic culture. Our nomadic lifestyle redefines the meaning of ‘home’ as something that one may carry only in one’s mind or in one’s own character. In addition, our experiences are now multi-cultural, transcending geographic locations and the ethnic characteristics of our living environments.”

All images © Joo Yeon Woo






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3 Responses to In The Traveler’s Cup

  1. LOVE seeing Budapest in the traveler’s cup! ❤

  2. CK says:

    BTW, Joo Yeon Woo, not Yoo 🙂

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