Moonlight and Glow Sticks


Waterfall, don’t ever change you ways,

Fall with me for a million days.


When I saw these fabulous photos, I immediately flashed on Jimi Hendrix’s song “May This Be Love (waterfall)”. Now I can’t get it out of my head.


Photographers Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard have collaborated on a stunning project titled Neon Luminance. The young pair dropped Cyalume glow sticks (sealed) into waterfalls around northern California and then took long exposure photos to capture the intense, colorful submerged trails of light as the glow sticks flowed with the current. To complete the most complex shots, they strung together multiple sticks to develop patterns.


In case you’re concerned, the glow sticks were completely sealed, never leaked and were collected after each photo shoot.


You can see more at their website From the Lenz.


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