Inside Out New York


TED-prize-winning French street artist JR is bringing his widely popular Inside Out Project to Times Square, New York City starting tomorrow. The public participation art project invites folks to take a self-portrait in a customized photo booth. The 3 foot by 4 foot B & W photo posters will be either displayed in Times Square or sent home with the sitter to be displayed in their home town.


Inside Out New York City will coincide with the world premiere of the documentary film Inside Out: The People’s Art Project at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival. The film, which will also be shown on HBO in the U.S., covers the project’s visits to Israel, Palestine, France, Switzerland, Abu Dhabi and China, where 70,000 photo posters were taken.

The project’s photo booth truck will be in Times Square until May 10th, when it will then travel to the city’s other four boroughs.

You can discover more about the Times Square part of the project here and follow the ongoing events on Facebook.


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