Hold That Review


Do you post hotel and restaurant reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp? Do you ever worry about retribution from the businesses for a negative review? It may be time to reconsider that angry post on shoddy service or a less than clean hotel room.

A popular hotel in the Quebec City neighborhood of Sainte-Foy has struck back at a former guest for his stinging, negative review (see below) on TripAdvisor with a $95,000 lawsuit. The guest, Laurent Azoulay, claimed that he had captured bed bugs in a glass and on video after being bitten soon after going to bed. When he asked for redress or compensation, Azoulay claims that the hotel only offered a $40 discount.


For its part, the hotel claims that it tried to resolve the situation and that no bed bugs were reported or found in any other of their rooms, and that it is only suing because the guest refused to remove the negative review.

It was only a matter of time before businesses began to respond to poor reviews with legal action against customers. There’s already a $10 million suit against TripAdvisor by a resort hotel in Tennessee that refutes the claim on the site that it’s the “dirtiest” hotel in the country.

Will these types of cases set a precedent that will scare customers from posting negative, albeit, accurate reviews? Would you go ahead with a negative review if you thought that you might be sued?


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