Almost as good as a Tardis


Mobile phones have rendered most of London’s thousands of iconic, red telephone boxes redundant. Fortunately, art and technology are coming to the rescue for these beautiful 20th century architectural works and saving some from obsolescence.


A group of four artists, Aura Satz, Holly Pester, Lawrence Hamdan and Dan Scott, have launched a project to repurpose phone boxes as art sites. The first of the works is a sound installation housed in an authentic 1924 Giles Gilbert Scott designed booth, which has been set-up in the entrance way of Burlington House in London’s Piccadilly.


In another project, a tech start-up company, called appropriately Solarbox , has been transforming disused telephone booths into solar powered charging stations for mobile devices. The first of the free green Solarbox stations was installed outside of the Tottenham court Road tube station.

If you’re concerned that London’s famously cloudy weather is less than conducive to solar power, each of the boxes will have a 150 watt roof-top solar panel and batteries to store the energy. The Solarboxes will be open daily from 5:30am to 11:30pm and will be funded entirely by advertising revenue.

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