Are You Flying Blah Airlines


Full disclosure: I did not watch the entire video below. I doubt that you will either—damn, it’s nearly six hours long. But Virgin America’s new video, titled “Have You Been Flying BLAH Airlines”, is both hilarious and excruciating. The questionable ad campaign, complete with mock website and associated social media, represents its competitors’ flying experiences as thoroughly wearisome. After a recent cross-continental, red-eye flight with one of Virgin America’s rivals, I can’t help but concur.


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1 Response to Are You Flying Blah Airlines

  1. Yep, pretty much seems like my typical flight. Maybe some flights on other airlines can use it to hypnotize passengers into a zombie state.

    Hey! They could even make it into a movie: Zombies on a Plane. Sure to be an Academy Award winner since zombies and other monster shows are in right now.


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